Bespoke Hardwood & Resin tables

Based in the UK

Hardwood & Resin tables

Bespoke handcrafted resin coffee tables made with responsibly sourced hardwood and epoxy resin. Then fitted with custom steel legs

Resin Art

A modern twist on paintings, coloured epoxy resin poured and crafted onto a wooden base, then coated in a durable gloss and finally fitted with a hardwood frame

Hardwood cutting boards

Some art for your kitchen. A variety of custom chopping boards, cheese boards, platters and more. All made from tough, durable hardwood.

Custom orders

If you don't feel inspired yet, feel free to challenge me with a custom order. We will discuss together to personalise everything you could ever want from a table

We sell tables as unique as you. Reflect your personality through your décor

About Ustudios

Here at Ustudios, we create and sell a variety of bespoke products. From Resin tables, to cutting boards. Epoxy Resin tables are a colourful and modern twist on regular wooden coffee tables, allowing for a unique decor that reflects your personality. 

To learn more about Ustudios, out ethos, our work and where you can find us. Just click below!

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Featured products

Some of the newest and most popular epoxy resin tables coming out of Ustudios


Have a look at some of the feedback I’ve received!

Lisa - Japan

Absolutely perfect tabletop. Highly recommend!! The top resin coating is clear and so beautiful. Its wood grain and cutting are also stunning. Thanks to properly shipping, I could receive item without any troubles. (International shipping). I deeply appreciate for seller’s kindness. Thank you so much!!


Dwight - U.S

It’s unlike any table I’ve seen before, such a unique and stunning design, it’s the centre piece of my living room. Would definitely recommend if you wan’t something new and different.


Sara - England

I purchased two tables from Umar and they’re absolutely perfect, I really love them. I had previously bought a few chopping boards from him years ago, would definitely recommend.


Inspired yet?

Feel free to browse some of our work. Find a table that speaks to you! If you cant find anything for you, contact me to request a custom order, and i’ll create your dream design.

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