About Ustudios

Hi everyone! Welcome to Ustudios. I design, create and sell a variety of hardwood tables, Resin Art, and more, but don’t mistake me for a big company. I am a 20yr old, full-time university student that spends my spare time working with timber, metal, and epoxy. I make these products to share my work with the world, test my skill, and hopefully inspire some of you to follow your passion.

My Story

I have always had a vivid imagination and a strong passion for working with my hands. From building Lego when I was a kid, all the way to working with the heavy machinery that I use now. Creativity has always been a large aspect of my life, so I decided to turn my passion into a business; Ustudios. To both share my art with the world and help fund my education.

About Ustudios

I started creating small cutting boards and platters to help fundraise money for a World Challenge expedition when I was 16. Since then, I have continued to push my limits to recreate my imagination, first with tables, then epoxy resin and now moving onto metal and leatherwork.

How I want to help you

believe that your home should reflect your personality and your uniqueness. So it seems wrong that most people decorate their homes with identical factory-made furniture. Furniture that says nothing about the person that bought it. I don’t just want to sell tables, I want to sell something that you can connect with. That’s why all my products are completely unique. that’s also the reason I offer custom orders, so I can work with you to create your perfect piece. If you would like to request a custom order, please contact me at hello@ustudios.co.uk, or through my Etsy

My goal with Ustudios

My goal is simple. I want to help you reflect your uniqueness through their decor. One table at a time.

All the best,


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