About Us

Company Profile

I am one man, not a company. I am a 20yr old university student that creates resin tables and other pieces in my free time. I have always had a passion for design so i decided to share my pieces with everyone. This is why i created Ustudios, to share my art, evolve my passion, and create something amazing.

Your home is the most important place in your life. My mission is simple. I want to help you reflect your individuality through every aspect of your home and decor, one table at a time.

My vision is to make Ustudios the home of all bespoke furniture. To make everyone their perfect piece, something that speaks to them. Functional art

The entire point of Ustudios is so you don’t have to settle for regular factory made furniture. So i will always put you first.

Be inspired

Browse some of my work so you can find a piece that really speaks to you, and if you don’t, there’s always custom orders!