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Some answers to common questions i'm asked

Custom orders are very simple, all you have to do is contact me requesting a custom order. If you have a design and specification in mind then you can send it to me and i’ll create your perfect table. If your not sure abouta design yet dont worry, we can work together to create your ideal product and i’ll give my professional advice to make sure your happy.

If you’ve purchased a table from me, there are a few details you should know to ensure your table lasts a life time. Although the wood used is treated, it’s still wood and therefore prone to moving and warping over time, to avoid this, keep the table out of direct sunlight and water contact for extended period of times. I wouldn’t worry though, all the timber i used is properly dried and treated to the likely hood of it warping is minuscule. 

Any surface cleaner will work on the wood. For the resin, i would recommend glass cleaner with newspaper to avoid leaving streaks. If the table has been coated in a gloss resin, glass cleaner and newspaper is again your best choice.

Where possible, the legs are removed from the table when shipping, this is to reduce the shipping charge. When unpacking the table, you will see guidlines of how to re-attach the legs to the table correctly, you will need a screwdriver for this. the screws are provided.

Due to the uniqueness and unpredictability of working with natural materials, you pay for the product in the condition shown in the images, this is why every product has several images to ensure you are as informed as possible before purchasing, also if you would like more details or images of a product your interested, i’ll be more than happy to aid you in any way i can.